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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Simple advice, Build what you want, Learn to use what you have.
Most learn of a UDS, then come here with little cooking experience. Some overbuild to out cool the next without having a grasp on fire management and wonder why their masterpiece doesn't humm like they have heard. I loaned a simple drum to a coworker and gave simple directions and he had no problem at all. I also loaned my 85 out to Garth 57, now it can be a little quirky but since he has experience I am sure he was able to make adjustments to keep it going. I think most don't mean to offend when they offer the KISS method as the way to go. I for one would hate to be the guy to suggest a cool idea to a guy that skimmed his wifes extra cash with the promiss of great grub for the family from the $80 cooker that after a rebuild ends up costing $125.

Build a simple drum, cook on it while you build your masterpiece, then sell or pass along your old faithful. Spread the love.
Low and Slow.....

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