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Hey guys. I'm new to BBQ smoking and to this forum. First I would like to thank everyone it this forum you guys have helped me out a lot. I've randomly read through this post for the past month or so to get some great info and ideas. Well last Friday I found a 30 gal drum and made me a smoker. Now this is my first drum smoker I got the Brinkman for Fathers day. So I'm really new to this. I've only tried chicken so far. And I didn't screw it up. It was good. LOL I have a question and if anyone could give me some info that would be great. Is it ok to use Aluminum in the UDS? I know something has been mentioned or I heard it somewhere. But I've read so much in the past month or so I can't get it right if you are or not able to. Anyone with any info. Thanks
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