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Talking bge nomex gasket install

my newest large egg had a gasket failure mainly because whoever cooked on it at last year's eggtoberfest spilled a lot of bbq sauce in one spot. i made a pizza a while ago and this happened:

i decided to contact the bge headquarters and they sent me a nomex gasket. free.

i installed it last night after pulling off the original felt gasket, and removing the adhesive with acetone on a sock.

you want to get it this clean if you can. this was a pretty new egg, so older eggs will have the ceramic not so white
(you might notice a crack in this photo. i ain't scared. they will replace it if it gets worse and shows up on the outside of the dome)

i cut the new nomex gasket exactly in half and put the two pieces in the dryer on low for about 10 minutes to "pre-shrink" the gasket material.

i used 3M super 77 spray adhesive and sprayed some in a glass jar and used a cheap paint brush to paint the adhesive on the rim of the base and dome. i sprayed one side of the gasket pieces and let it set about 2 minutes until tacky. i started placing the gasket around each surface not stretching and pressing down firmly to make a good bond. it was easy. i cut the end of the gasket off with a scissors leaving it a little long for shrinkage.
i temporarily placed the dome back on the base to "seat" the gaskets in place with the weight. i balanced a few cookbooks on top of the dome to add more weight. i let it sit for 24 hours, then fired him up.

nice and white. like he got his teeth whitened

had to cook something on this first cook. i kept it 300 degrees or under to help the new adhesive set and absorb into the pores of the ceramic and the gasket.

i think i figured out why they call this new gasket "nomex".

it's not from mexico.

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