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Originally Posted by obnepec View Post

Just a few items:

1) could everyone with a 55 gallon smoker please post the inside depth (from bottom of drum to lip where lid sits and the diameter of your drum? With all the talk about how a weber lid does or doesn't fit I would like to see what the deviation is.

2) I have heard alot about flipping the meat although with my current smoker (just a small vertical with propane burner then wood holder then water pan I have never flipped. What my current idea is is to have a rack just above the charcoal basket with a large disposable lasagna pan (ie the tin foil ones you can buy at any grocery store) filled with water/wine etc. Will that reduce the need to flip the meat?

3) How many people have more than 1 rack? I would like to put multiple racks in (or at least have the hardware in if I need extra volume) and I can understand why you would want a certain distance if its just the food above the coals but once again does the water pan help to mitigate the high direct heat so that multiple grills would work?

Thanks for any info.
1.33.5x22.5 ID, 33.5x22.5ID, 34.5x22.5ID
2. I don't flip- never seen the need with the UDS. No water pan as the UDS maintains moisture fine as is and I don't need anything dripping down off the lid. Part of the flavor of a UDS comes from fat dripping on the fire.
3. I have two racks as there are occasions when I want to catch some fat drippings to make a gravy. If I'm cooking more than a rackfull its because I have two barrels going
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