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Originally Posted by FLORIDASMOKER View Post
Started reading this thread and needed to built a drum smoker since page 4. Question I bought the cheepo uni flame walmart 22.5 grill and the lid just about fits. Do i bent the crimp on the lid straight out and let it sit flat on the lip of the drum or does it have to over lap the lip of the drum in some way to lock it down? If I straighten it out it looks like it will sit right on the top of the drum lip.

Thank you
My drum is an open top type that has the flat lid and lock ring.
I have a UniFlame as well, first tried to bend out to go over the drum lip. Didn't work.
Then I bent inward a little and with some persuasion it fit nice an tight inside and rests on the support bolts for my top grate.
Couple of the UniFlame and orginal top.

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