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Default uniflame non-lid lid

Originally Posted by FLORIDASMOKER View Post
Started reading this thread and needed to built a drum smoker since page 4. Question I bought the cheepo uni flame walmart 22.5 grill and the lid just about fits. Do i bent the crimp on the lid straight out and let it sit flat on the lip of the drum or does it have to over lap the lip of the drum in some way to lock it down? If I straighten it out it looks like it will sit right on the top of the drum lip.

Thank you
FLSmoker, i had bought the uniflame grill and had the same issues as you with the lid. i bent, beat, tortured, and shed tears over the lid not fitting well.

instead of using the lid, here's what i did:

i put the original flat lid back on the drum, and pounded it into place so that it would not come loose. then i took a sawzall and cut a hole in it, leaving a 1" lip. i took the bottom part of the grill, and VOILA - it was a perfect fit. i found a stove pipe joint and flange, and with a few bolts have an airtight lid. now i need to find a 4" damper for that exhaust, a lid handle or two, and the "snork" (as i call it) will be complete. i think the lower part of the uniflame is a heavier gauge than the lid; just something to think about.

note - it is a big 4" exhaust, but i've managed to use a magnet as a damper for the time being. in combo with the 3/4" pipe nipple and ball valve my UDS has held 225 for ~6hrs, the longest smoke i've done on it to date (beef ribs below)...

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