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Default mobile truck almost ready to roll....

been working on my truck like a madman past week to get done while wife and kids are out of town. getting really excited we have a bbq joint in very rural county my joint is on main hwy but at the wrong end of county do ok dinner biz but no lunch whatsoever.due to the fact were nowhere near the biz hub of our area.BUT THAT HAS JUST CHANGED!!! just got permission from the car wash at the main intersection of the county(where the red light is ) to set up there is one raunt,one c-store that serve food. so will set up ther from 10:30 - 1:00 for lunch then go open my shop up at 4:00 this added location should give me a boost due to this is where all the county employees go ,tdot and just about everyone else that eats out are at during the idea of being able to go to car shows cool. we also have big bike rally up here in may that the owner of the event has been beggin me to set up at so that will be a reality know. plus we have another event its a lttle thing called bonaroo music festival 25 miles away but thats a dream for down the road!!!! you have to have referances from other promoters with attendance over 25,000... plus it would be hard gettin any work done with bunch of half naked girls runnin around i will keep you guys posted and get some pics posted soon. and to throw another angle into this venture we will also be selling shaved ice! it does really well in our store and the profit is great. very easy just wish they had bbq flavor.
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