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Very nice brisket! I haven't done anything larger than ribs and a butt so yea, "just found matches" really describes me. I did however see on another website, that the guy does 14lb packers in 4 hours 20 minutes tops. Perhaps you might check out what he does and compare it to what you did and see where the process differs.

BTW, i'm really jealous because I absolutely love brisket. Almost as much as I love good prime rib. Nice Job!

edit, here's from the exact post: (bear in mind this is being done in a WSM, but the process appears the same for a UDS and i've seen posts where people have easily taken their UDS up to 400 degrees.

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People like K Kruger make it sound like there is no other option.
Nope. I've repeatedly said that though I prefer the high heat approach, there are certainly other options.

I Minion the start as well but I only use about twice the amount of coals for lit as I would if I were doing a low/slow, about 22-30, depending on ambient conditions.

I assemble immediately and do not leave the door off. I am looking for a climb to my target of 325/345 or so, a somewhat quick but not a rapid rise. When the temps are nearing the upper 200s I can usually tell by the speed of the rise if I will need to prop the door open. (I often do.)

I don't temp the brisket at all. I simply foil somewhere between 2:20 and 2:40 into the cook. I do not use any liquid addition either. I do leave some space (maybe 1/2 inch) around the sides of the brisket and a bit of head space above so there is room for the exuded liquid. After foiling I tend to cook 350-375.

Even with the Minion start, assembling quickly, and not bringing the temps down from a higher point, it is very rare for me to have a packer run over 4 hours by much more than 10 min. I always have a smokering, which I like.

So, even though craig and I both do high heat brisket cooks routinely, one can vary even high heat approaches, as you can see, and still turn out terrfic brisket.


Just thought i'd pass on the info, hope it helps.
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