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Default High Heat / Low Heat combo brisket, with Pron of course

My first attempt at a high heat brisket came out pretty good, but was lacking a little in the smokey flavor that I love so much. First experiment can be seen here:

I'm doing two things different for this attempt. I'm going to go low and slow at 225 until I hit an internal temp of 140, then ramp the smoker up to 325. I'm hoping this will improve the smokey flavor. I'm also injecting this time since I made up a bunch of Dr. BBQ's beef injection for tomorrow's chuckies.
So here is the game plan:
1) 225 smoker temp until brisket hits 140.
2) Raise smoker temp to 325-345 until brisket hits 160, then foil for 90 minutes (I swear my next attempt I won't use foil Popdaddy, I promise!)
3) Remove foil to firm up the bark, and bump temps up a bit to 340-350 until tender.

The meat: 14 lb choice packer (previously frozen). Injected with Dr. BBQ's beef

Locked and loaded at 10:20AM. My standard sugar free rub.

1:40PM and internal temp is 140 degrees. Added a little more rub and opened all the vents to ramp to 325. I'm using the sand mod this time, so had to prop the access door a while to get the temps up.

My Fuel: Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA. Probably my favorite IPA, although technically it's a double or imperial IPA. Just a wonderful beer.

3:30PM, internal temp is 160 so time to foil.

After removing the foil, added about 1/2 cup of defatted juice to a jar of Head's Red BBQ sauce. This BBQ sauce was sent to me by brother Bill as part of a trade, and I believe is made by another Brethren, but I forgot who Bill told me that makes it. It was very good!

Pulled at 6:45PM with internal temps around 203, probe tender.

Sliced up. Very nice bark, what I was shooting for.

Served up with some tomato, cucumber and vidalia onion salad. Some fresh dill and basil from the herb garden thrown in.

The verdict: I was very happy with how it came out. All that smokey flavor that was missing from my last high heat brisket experiment was there. Still got a 14 lb. packer done in under 10 hours, so I think I'm going to stick with this method. Next time I'm skipping the foil to make Popdaddy happy and I'll compare.

That's all!
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