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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by darylrue View Post
Pellets are not long.

I have no experience really. So that smoke comment was good advice. No worry's about offending me at all.

I was able to maintain 210 and 225 pretty well yesterday. It was late but I think the thin blue smoke was more prevelant at 225.
I think you are getting a better burn at the 225* mark than lower... I seem to recall Billy (Fatboyz) talking about how the 'Smoke' setting on his was around 180* and it pumped out tons of white smoke... I could be wrong, but you could always touch base with him...

Originally Posted by darylrue View Post
I have two 3.5 chickens ready to roll for the morning. I am putting on at 7:40 and will be home around 5 to check on them. Can I cook those for that long on 225?
That's like a nine hour cook, and for me, unless they are the size of a 25 pound turkey, is a bit long... I would go for, depending on the size, about 3 1/2 to 4 hours max....

Originally Posted by darylrue View Post
How do you get these pellet smokers to not jump to 600 degrees for about an hour after you start them? I do not want to have to get up too early to get the grill to running temp. Maybe I have to take the grates off and steel some pellets out before it gets going too hot?
Again I have no direct experience, but I do recall some thing about having to cleaning the fire chamber prior to use... This may be your problem...

Originally Posted by darylrue View Post
Thanks for all the advice. I am leaning towards a big green egg but I really wish I could test one or talk to someone who primarily smokes for long hours with theirs.
Check in your area for a store that sells BGE's... The one near me almost every weekend have something cooking on one...
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