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Hey all

This thread is crazy long find my answer. I just bought some expanded metal to extend my Backwoods Party firebox. I just went 4 inches higher then the standard box. I fastened it together with some rods that I had to bend with tools. It's really too thick to work with. So I just put it together enough for a cook to see how it works.

What's everyone using to fasten their expanded metal? Any pics?

Did you see my post a page back? - rebar tie wire worked well for me. Any home center will have it. A pair of lineman's pliers (also called Kleins) and you can twist it up and snip easily.

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Got some scrap expanded metal from a friend who owns a metal fab shop. It was only about 5" tall, but very heavy so I didn't fuss one bit.
I didn't want to wait for Monday to go to his shop to weld it up, so used rebar wire tie to connect it.

Cut so pattern continues.

Bottom View

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