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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Thanks for the link

BTW: I don't foil either. I have been known to place butts, briskets or whatever in a stainless steel food pan with a lid on top.
Chit, thats actually exactly my protocol 90 percent of the time. I usually group them in a big blob and I have these HUGE stainless pans that will hold quite a few briskets cuz I love to catch the juice. Typically, depending on how many I have and whether I am using the Brazos or the Meat Mamma, when I reach the stall I take the puppies which have cooked fat down, flip them in the pan fat up but place the others fat up on top. I find that the bottom layer (maybe 5 or s0) the flat gets softer from the juices, and the other layers get the same treatment because they are sitting on anothr leayer of fat under them from the lower layer, the last six go fat up also. Depending on how the cook is progessing these trays are placed in the hottest part of the smoker (sometimes I place another set of them on to cook on the part just cleared) and sometimes I will tent them tightly with butcher paper to help steam them. I just sorta tuck the edges in. I have even washed the paper down with a hose quickly to sorta make a ...oh i dunno... papermeche like stuff... at least a good sealed wet cap on those briskets of paper,water and grease. Paper is cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp.

other than that, if i am doing a small order just a pan like you say and a lid.

Ohhhhhhh but the JUICE that is made.

one of the charities I work for has one of these huge 5 inch deep stainless pans with a spigot!!!! So you can get in there and drain out the juices (stopping before you get to the fat) and not disturb the briskets inside.

Sadly they all have rotesseries and never use it that way.
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