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Originally Posted by Mark View Post

Sometimes you get lucky and the Weber lid fits the lip of the drum perfectly. . Most of the time you have to cut the lip of the drum to fit the Weber lid or cut off 2-inches or so of the Weber kettle base and fix it to the top of the drum.

Mark, when you say "fix it to the top of the drum" what do you mean by that? That is the question I have. I understand the why's I just don't get the how right now. I don't think it's ever been discussed in this thread. I'm doing mine with no welds so how would I get that 2 inch ring "fixed" to the top of my drum?

Also, another question that just came up as I went to HD over lunch. Expanded steel is damn expensive. It's $19 for a 24x24 sheet. Is there a better outlet for this than HD? is it easy to cut? will HD cut it for me? Thanks,
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