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I got this from another list, I haven't tried it yet ,but many have and say its excellent.

Wendy's Turkey Injection

1/2 lb Butter
6 oz Hot Sauce-Crystal's
Garlic Juice
Onion Juice
Popcorn salt
Crab Boil

Tony Chachere's Cajun Spice Seasoning

Melt 1/2# butter (NO SUBSTITUTES) over low heat, then add a 6 oz. bottle of
Crystal's Hot Sauce (I use the Extra Hot), garlic juice, onion juice,
popcorn salt(it's fine and dissolves easier) and liquid shrimp and crab
boil. I taste as I go, adding more garlic juice, onion juice, or hot sauce
until it's where I want it to be. You've got to keep in mind that when it
is injected into the bird, it will be nowhere near as hot as it tastes, so I
usually spice it up to where I can't stand it. Blow your head off level. I
then let the mixture cool to room temperature. The most important thing is
to avoid any solids or particles in the marinade, as they do not inject
easily into the bird. That's the reason I use popcorn salt.

Meantime, I season the inside of the bird with Tony Chachere's Cajun
Spice Seasoning, Salt and Pepper. Then I lightly oil the outside of the
bird and sprinkle the back side of the bird liberally with Chachere's, salt
and pepper, and place it back side down on a large platter. I've got the
commercial stainless injector from Cabela's, with which I then go to work
injecting the bird well into the meat in many places, but always from an
angle above the bird so the marinade doesn't back out.

Last, I lightly oil the breast side of the bird and sprinkle it liberally
with Tony Chachere's, salt and pepper. I tuck the whole bird, on the
platter, into a plastic grocery bag and refrigerate for 48-72 hours. It
will kill you when you open the refrigerator, since it smells so damn good.
Bring it up to room temperature before you deep fry it. Not all of the
seasoning will adhere to the bird, but what does makes the skin particularly
tasty. Every time I make the marinade, I add more and more hot
sauce...haven't had it be too hot for anyone yet. Never had any leftovers

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