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Taunts? LOL Then do so. Ya Big Lump.

That was an endearment.

As far as reasons, I think the brethren would like an explanation of why its stupid or dumb. I gave a few reasons why its not, and mind you I don't even use it except in holding times.

If you are going to make a blanket statement like mopping is stupid, or foil is for suckers, hey, say why... then the other guys chime in with why its not and then people make up their minds.

My issue other than the propaganda regarding its safety, was that you cannot forward an argument "that it is dumb to use to smoke BBQ" when the concern was more about its use as a reheating and holding medium (in the smoker or out).

You could forward it by saying it is unhealthy because....... but site some more respectable data besides some "urban legends" site.

It is so sad that Dr. Edward Fujimoto the Manager of the Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Department at Castle Medical Center in Hawaii has caused such an uproar with so little data to prove it. He mentioned this regarding molded clear plastic food trays and it has morphed into plastic wrap with not one shred of evidence to the contrary from a reputable source since it was uttered on January 23, 2002.
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