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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
I see this thread was resurrected. I stand by my original statement that:
Quite possibly, smoking with plastic wrap is the dummest idea since using kitty litter in the water pan.

Or I could be full of $hit. Maybe next time I get a packer brisket, I'll just throw it in the smoker heavy duty plastic wrap and all. Whatcha say barbefunkoramaque? Good Idea?
Straw man fallacies seem to be your expertise. In addition to trying to argue a point no one was making, you now are arguing a point based on an entire MATERIAL that no one has suggested using.

The plastic vac wrap is not the same thing as industrial clear film.

So in essence you hold on to your failing argument (I mean that respectfully mods) that Holding, Reheating, or finishing the cook in plastic wrap is the the same as smoking bbq in the smoker with the same wrap. And that Plastic wrap or film is the same as industrial vac wrap.

I will draw a parallel.. I hereby claim you know nothing about BBQ (which I do not believe personally) because I know I can prove you do not speak fluent latin.

Like I said... I use butchers paper.

In addition to the Brisket Packer material argument being unrelated due to its molecular design (they are chemically different) it would fail cogency as part of the BBQ process is to rub with spices and smoke.... to which you could not do without opening the package. Once again... funny, you make a double straw man fallacy by arguing your case with two premises that are not under scrutiny at all.... those premises being the "smoking process" and of course relating one product (which people are debating about) to another, which is pulled out of the blue and unrelated. Like Chicken and Brisket.
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