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Ok. Your right. My head is in cooking low and slow. Only because I think that is how these pellet smokers generate the most smoke. I cooked for 5 hours and then cranked it up because I wanted it done in another 3. Should have started it earlier. It was very tender.

I installed the digital controller today. I have halibut on it right now, but the good news is that it stayed below 200 on the smoke setting and dropped pellets every 10 seconds but the cycle was shorter. Smoke was bellowing out of it most of the time. I tried setting it to 180 to see what would happen and it spiked to 300, 400, 575, etc...

I set it to 275 and then 300 just now so I can try it before I went to bed. Halibut is at 139 now, 113 when I checked it about 10pm. Been on since 6ish after I got the new controller installed. I am hopeful and will report back. I guess I might have to try 225 or 250 and walk away for some hours. Is there a book on this?

My two setups were 1. gas grill with woodbox and tin foil. Results moderate. 2. Kenmore smoker modified to take pellets down a shoot to a tin wood box. Good smoke most of the time but could not keep temperatures low enough to cook a long time. To big of an element.

Thanks for all the replies. Next smoke set at 225 or 235 or what? I have a couple chickens and some leg quarters I can try after they thaw in a couple days. Although I have a ton of leftovers I have to eat some time. :)

I will post later. Hopefully I have some smoke flavor finally. My only fear is that smoke flavor may set in after 113 not necessarily during the first couple hours. Turning it up to far to late maybe is the issue. With the brisket it was 147 I think when I cranked it up to get it done.

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