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Default Need a great smoker (Pellet Smoker Doesn't Smoke, Cooks too hot)

I have a country smoker 420 (comparable in size to traeger lil tex), just got it last week. Trying to get something to have smoke flavor / smoke ring / smoke / cook less than 220 degrees. I tried different kinds of wood, etc... It is a minimum 220 and spikes every few minutes to 250.

My goal is to have smoke flavored tender meats. That is it.

I researched and thought I was on to the cookshack that takes wood chunks until I read a message from a guy on this forum who said he had the cookshack in his restaurant for 6 months until he gave up said he could not get it to have great output. So that is when I decided to go with the pellet smoker. I just did not want to cut any corners and wanted to get the best possible smoked meat. Maybe I just need to get a regular wood smoker. I eliminated the big green egg because I read that it did not have intense smoke flavored meet, etc...

I called lousiana grills and they were not much help. I did prop the lid and got it to stay at 190-210 and it smoked once and a while but after I put a brisket on it for at least 5 hours I still did not taste any smoke. Will the electronic control add on help or solve this issue or just continue my frustrations? I was hoping I could set it lower so the pellets do not feed every 35 seconds.

Or, Do I need to buy something different all together? Why would I not just get the cookshack? All the reviews rated as great smoke flavor, one person said it was easy to get too much smoke flavor. At this point that is music to my ears.

Any help is appreciated. I have been at this since last July, this is my 3rd setup, was hoping for it to be my last.

Daryl in Omaha Ne.
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