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Default "Man Camp" - Action, fun, beer and BBQ

Howdy folks...

I´m just back from a very special event. Hasseröder, one of germany largest breweries, made a competition to enter a so called "Man Camp".

20 people could enter each competition and bring 3 friends so theres 80 people in 20 Teams at each of the 5 events who will have an action packed day outdoors
with motorsports, rafting, sailing, climbing, archery and lots of other stuff.

This first of the events was at a beautiful boy scout camp at a lake.

They were told to have a BBQ at the evening with the World Champions so thats where my Team and i come in.

What they didnt know before was that THEY would have to grill for us and we´d judge the food. The scoring from the BBQ competition counts 1/3 of the overall Sports and Team scores so it was quite important for them.

We didnt make it too hard for them though. Suppplied each team with a char griller, charcoal and chimney, cutting boards, knifes, vegetables, marinade ingredients, spices and 5 pounds of pork tenderloin.

They had to cook a marinated tenderlojn and veggie kabob, a stuffed tomato and bruscetta.

Here we go from the start :

After we arrived we were told theres only softdrinks until 7 pm.
We said that was fine since to us beer is a softdrink but they said
they cant give out alcohol until then because the teams had their tasks to do and they couldnt serve beer because of insurance reasons.

Off course we had a small emergency supply of 24 bottles in our camper so at last our most neccessary supply was secured.
When we popped the first cold ones open we had 160 thirsty eyes on us and felt kinda like these guys :

Heres all the grills unloaded. We took off the front shelves and handles so they all fit into one huge trailer

Heres our Snacks

I cooked some pork loins so the guys had a small snack after completing the sports and they were really happy about that

Meanwhile we had also set up the teams booths.

Then they were briefed for what they had to cook.
Most of them had never cooked on a smoker or indirect at all before since over here grilling basicly means charring thin pieces of meat over an open top grill but they liked the grills very much and turned in some fantastic plates in relation to what they could do with their background and the limited supply of food and spices.

All we had to do then was to drink beer and walk around to give the teams some tipps and answer questions.

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