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Well, I've only got one thing to say about this. Brisket is always an adventure. Anyone who says it isn't is either not very discerning about their brisket, is use to eating what they get, or will eat anything put in front of them. Let's face it, a GREAT brisket, on any given day, is a less than 50/50 prospect for most of us. You can have all the great DP marinade and great basic rubs you want. Brisket is always an adventure. There's no short-cuts to Brisket. C'mon guys, this is one of the basic premises of my world view.

Having said that, yes, I have done that and now that I have, I really think, for me, it's just extra work. I think getting a good pretrimming of fat to just the right amount and correct preparation formula is the part of the adventure before you apply the smoke mod. On the other hand, if a guy wants to fuss with his brisket, more power to him, and who could even think of interfering in such a noble preoccupation?

Danny G's site hasn't been all there for a long time. I keep checking too. I heard he originally intended to improve it and then had to redo it because he had a dispute with Dairy Queen corporate because they objected to the non-standard (Q) menu being associated with DQ. Whoever made that decision was a dumbass. I don't know what the current sitiuation might be.

He tends to like higher temps than I would have expected. I learned alot of good stuff from reading his advice and recipes on his site. You just have to wittle down the "I'm cooking 25-30 lbs in a Bandera" from his "I'm cooking 250-300 lbs in an awesome indoor pit". Fortunately, at least last time I looked, some of his best stuff was still on the BBQ FAQ.

"Brisket is always an adventure."
----The Book of Mike, Chap.2 vs.5
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