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It probably IS true that the "bacon on a stick" smoke ring happens before the meat hits 120F. (I always put cold meat in a cold smoker to take maximum advantage of this and my smoke rings are usually 3/8 to 1/2 inch). To say that meat can't absorb smoke above 120F is most unlikely to be true. Chemicals slide down their concentration gradients, and tend to do that more quickly at higher temperatures. Besides the physical evidence (the smoke ring on the brisket) tends to bear it out. This techniqe for me is just a way to get more smoke and spice and less grease in a fully cooked brisket. I find I have quite good results this way. Today's brisket had to be fridged to be sliced(it was just slightly past pull apart tender), but was not fatty, OR mushy, and it had a smoke ring all the way around instead of just on the side where it was fatless going into the smoker. I can't claim credit for the it from Danny Gaulden's DQ-cue.
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