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I have a technique that I am still working on that seems to do great with brisket...I wonder if anyone else does the same or a variant. I learned it from Danny Gaulden's BBQ. Instead of worrying about trimming the fat cap when the meat goes into the smoker, I just throw it in. Then, after the brisket is done, I pull it with about an hour to go and cut ALLLLL the fat off, re-rub it and put it back in the smoker. The tricky part here is to leave it in long enough to develop a flavorful bark but not so long as to dry out. This has worked great for me on those Sam's cryovace briskets. Too much fat and they taste like grease, too little and they are tough and dry when done. The way I am doing it takes less effort than trying to trim the brisket just right, and seems to result in a perfect level of moisture and has a more flavorful bark and more smokering into the meat because the fat got removed. Comments?
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