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Originally Posted by Stiltz6ft9in View Post
I Can't. I have (2) 3/4" intakes with caps and (2) 3/4" ball valves on 24" risers. I have a flat lid with ( 1/2" holes in it.
I only have 3 3/4" intakes (no risers) and the same exhaust and I have no problems getting the temps up.

It sounds like there isn't enough inlet air getting to the coals. What is your basket made of? How many inches off the floor is it? Can air go through the bottom and all sides of the basket?

If it's not your basket then you might want to remove one of the risers on the inlet. Having two 24" risers might be too restricting. Some people have had trouble with only one riser.

IMHO I don't think the walls of the drum have anything to do with your problem. It's an airflow issue.
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