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Originally Posted by willkat98
I used the wrapped bird technique last year.

Don't do it.

Your right greg. It's skewed.

It took me about 5 minutes to lower it in, then I had to use a sauce pan to take about 32oz out.

Heres what I think happened.

I put in a wrapped bird. Filled it with water. The bird is wrapped and has an air cavity, so it floats. I had to gently hold it down, so that I could get the exact hieight of water over bird, to simulate full oil coverage.

Took out the bird and marked it.

filled to that exact point, and it was way too much.

I will do that method again this year, cuz no mess in putting in a wrapped bird, but I will back off about 2 inchs That should be fine (for me)
If you used a wrapped bird to establish the oil level, than unwrapped the bird the oil would now fill the air space and there should have been less oil, not to much. Unless the brid was floating when you marked the pot. :?
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