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I also unwrap my bird, put it on the skewer and then fill the pot with water until it just covers the bird. Take the bird out and mark the pot. That other method about the wrapped bird and the oil doesn't really make sense unless you were going to do it right away otherwise you've got a pot full of oil sitting there.

Trying to think of some more tips and tricks......

If'n you're buying frozen birds, give them enough time to thaw. A 12 lb'r usually takes about 4 days in my fridge. An 18 lb'r takes a full week. NEVER ever put a bird in the fryer unless it's completely thawed. I learned this lesson the hard way because I was too impatient to let it fully thaw. Not only did it boil over but it was poppin' and splatterin' like crazy. Not to mention it's just a scary sight. Reminds me of those volcanos you see at a science fair.

Make sure the bird is patted down as dry as you can before it goes for it's oil bath. Saves splatter.

As Gary said, putting the bird in slowly will save splatter too.

Also, make sure you pin that "neck flap" on the bird down too to cover the hole. If not, you'll have hot oil bubblin' and poppin' out of that hole.

After I'm done, I usually just borrow the parent's pressure washer to clean the concrete but some well placed cardboard would probably solve that problem.

And I guess I don't have to mention gloves and long sleeves, do I?

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