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somebody shut me the fark up.
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otherwise you could get boil over (not pretty -- don't ask, I know this!!).
Yeah, I've seen boil over also. Not pretty at all. HTat brings up another point. I'm sure we all do the bird in water thing to tell what level of oil to fill the pot with. This book that I just bought said to stick the turkey in the pot before you unwrap it, then fill with oil until it just goes over the top of the bird. Then pull the bird out and mark the level. Doesn't sound right to me. I stick the whole unwrapped bird in, fill with water, mark my level and go about a half inch lower thatn the mark. I am sure that I could go a little bit lower, but that has to be way to low. Anyone ever heard of this technique? It is in a book just put out by the maker of cajun injector. Found it at my Home Depot in a big display right in front of the turkey fryers.

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