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Default The Official MOINK Ball Certification Request Thread

With the valued permission of the BBQ Brethren Forum leadership the International MOINK Ball Appreciation Society (IMBAS) has been given permission to create an official MOINK Ball Certification Request Thread.

Should you desire to become an OFFICIALLY Certified MOINK Ball Maker please read this post carefully. Important new information and rule changes are included.

All requests for cerficiation should be made in this thread and this thread only.

You should post as much information and as many photos as you feel is necessary to prove your worthiness for certification.

After posting your information, recipe and photos a PM should be sent to BBQ Grail with a link your YOUR post. Not the entire thread. An email address should also be provided.

After consideration your petition for certification will either be approved or denied. If approved a certificate will be created and emailed to you at the email address provided by you in the PM. Unless otherwise requested the certificate will be created using your BBQ Brethren screen name.



After careful consideration by the Governing Board of IMBAS the following rule change as been adopted, effective immediately.

1. MOINK Balls will be made with ALL BEEF meatballs, wrapped in PORK bacon. Seasonings, sauces and glazes are encouraged but not mandatory. In the past MOINK Balls were only made with pre-made, store bought meatballs. Due to the international appeal of MOINK Balls and the lack of availability, in some localities, of store bought pre-made meatballs, HOMEMADE meatballs will now be acceptable provided the meatballs are made with no other meat other than BEEF. The standard binding agents are approved. Keep in mind the beauty of MOINK Balls is simplicity. Don't get too fancy on the binders/fillers. (This rule change will forever be known as the NOSKOS Rule)

2. MOINK Balls must be cooked out of doors using a wood or charcoal fire. Balls cooked indoors or using a fuel source other than wood or charcoal can not be considered for certification. It is important to note that pellets that are made of wood are acceptable as a fuel source for MOINK Balls.

3. The use of the term MOINK Balls requires the proper capitalization. Failure to capitalize MOINK Ball will result in your application being denied.

Questions concerning these rules should be addressed in a PM to BBQ Grail. This thread will NOT be monitored constantly, for the most part only when a certification request is made.

This thread will be made a STICKY for easy referral and reference.

Should you have a previous certification request and you'd like a certificate send a PM to BBQ Grail along with the link to your original request.

All posts that are NOT Certification Requests in this thread will be removed by moderators on a regular basis. Or at least when they get around to it.

For additional information on the history of the MOINK Ball please click here!

The best way to reach me is with email:

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