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Found some matches.
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Well I got my U.D.S. built and outside here are a few things learned. Washers are your friend I drilled a few holes a little to big. The lady at lowes return desk is nice.Bought the wrong size bolts..

So finally got all the right parts had Jose at the local weld shop put together my fire basket $25 bucks for labor and expanded metal.

so now I have everything put together. Took the drum out side and sprayed pam cooking oil on the inside to season put about 10 pounds of kings ford got out my handy Harbor freight flame thrower and lit the coals.. Extreme caution should be used here. while using it to light the coal things get friggen hot I put on a long welders glove on but that only helped a little bit...

so here are a few questions now.

I put in the coals and wood chunks. Open all the vents how long should I wait before I close things up to drop temp and start my cook?
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