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So, how do I build one of these?

Kidding... I finally finished reading all 227 pages, 3396 posts and I have now committed it all to memory. Got a free drum from the local sewage plant... I'll burn it out and start installing all my galvenized hardware. I'm going to put in 18 1/8" intakes at 4 1/2" from the bottom.

Again... joking. It's amazing how many people don't read and simply ask "How do I build one of these?"

Seriously though, I am getting a new drum today for free that my brother acquired through work. He says it has some kind of lining, I'll check it out later. I'm planning on the standard no-weld build... 3 3/4" intakes, one ball valve, 2 caps, 2" from bottom, 8 1/2" exhaust holes. I'll post pics along the way and more specs as well. I won't get to it until next weekend as we're going to San Antonio tomorrow for a long weekend getaway with the kids, my parents, and my bro and his family.

Thanks to those before me that have posted all the amazing collection of info and ideas. Only took me two weeks to read. I can't wait to start building. I even got my boss interested in building his own too!
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