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Ok, so I FINALLY finsihed the UDS about 3 weeks ago. I love it. I've cooked on it multiple times, turned out great Q and noticed somethings I need to change.

1. I don't have a cover where I store mine, so how do you guys cover the holes in the flat lid to keep water out?

2. I cannot seem to get the temp above 240-250. When the neighbor was welding my intakes in, he said the drum was a thin metal. He actually blew through it a couple of times. He fixed those, but what can I do?

3. The other thing that throws me off is when I open the lid forsomething (Which is rare) I get temp drops not spikes. Why is that?
1. I can't help because I have a pipe coming out of my bung and I just put a plastic cup over it.

2. All I have to do in order to get my temps up is to make sure one of the in takes (usually the ball valve) is facing the wind and open up the other two and off to the races she goes.

3. When opening the lid, you should get a temp drop. You are letting the heat escape. Now if you are in and out, then the temps should come right back in a bit. Be patient. If you dilly dally with the lid off then you will see a huge temp increase due to the amount of oxygen you are allowing into the drum
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