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Originally Posted by Ashmont View Post
Not too sound mean but walk! Your time and effort are worth something.... I have done the same and never regretted it! If its family well different story but still when somebody gives you a maybe break even its not worth it....
I NEVER walk away from a job.....unless of course it doesn't pay.
It's not working with my normal numbers under 50 (minimum) but want to give it a try before i turn down any job!

Originally Posted by DMDon View Post
Normally, I have a couple 5lb pans of pork or brisket in the freezer left over from other jobs or comps. I sell them meat by the pound and let them take care of the rest.
It's a wedding rehearsal dinner, backyard setting, don't need the onsight cook since they'll be at the church.

This may be the best way to go, thanks!
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