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Default The "PIGGLES" Challenge! PRIZES INSIDE!

It's been a while since I've given anything away here at the Brethren and I feel it's time now!

Here is the challenge - Create the best "PIGGLES" PRON ever to win the first ever "PIGGLES" Master of the Universe award! as well as win a custom designed BBQ Branding Iron from Huntingdon County Customs LLC valued at over $55!

Rules? Only a few!

#1 - PRON must be submitted to be considered! 2 Pictures for each competitor are required. One of the creation in the most seductive
"PIGGLES" pose you can create. One of the creation being enjoyed by at least 1 person. Bonus points for creativity!

#2 - Recipe must be submitted to me. If you would like your recipe to stay secret, PM it to me.

#3 -
"PIGGLES" must be made in an outdoor cooking method using either propane, natural gas, charcoal, wood, or a hydrogen bomb (if it's Jorge we are talking about!) NO MICROWAVE, OVEN, TOASTER, GEORGE FOREMAN will be accepted! If you submit a "PIGGLES" concoction in a non-"PIGGLES" sanctioned method, you will be disqualified, laughed at, your birthday will be taken away, and you will be forced to sing Boy George tunes at any BBQ Competition by any other participant in The "PIGGLES" Challenge!

#4 - Have fun!
"PIGGLES" are fun to make, fun to eat, fun to say!

Where do I submit? Good question! Just post it in this thread and don't forget the required material outlined in the rules!

How do I make
"PIGGLES" ? I'm glad you asked!

  1. First, take whole pickles and split them down the middle and scoup out the seeds making a "boat".
  2. Next, mix up your own stuffing from any version or style of pig or other animal and cheese so long as the ratio is at least 51% pig.
  3. Now wrap your stuffed pickle boat in bacon in any method you would like so long as the bacon is pig.
  4. Finish the bacon wrapped stuffed pickle boat by sprinkling with your favorite bbq rub or sauce and cooking in a high heat until bacon crisps.
  5. Allow a moment to cool by grabing your favorite beverage. If you followed every step, you now have "PIGGLES" !

If you are a "PIGGLES" virgin, you must eat your 1st "PIGGLES" whole in one bite! (you can't be a "PIGGLE" and not eat something like a pig!)

Contest begins now! Submissions MUST be in no later than 8pm July 6th (for 4th of July
"PIGGLES" submissions). Judging will take place between July 6th and 9th. Contest winner will be announced July 10th!

Goodluck & have fun!


Cooking for the love of it.
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