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Originally Posted by Kubbie View Post
I read all the way through #3367, so I feel I've earned a few questions...

I got a free drum last week, got all the liner off and it just need to make a coal basket and a handle for the lid. Today found out I have a freebee stainless drum available in a couple weeks, so I'll use the steel one as a test build.

I understand the 'KISS' and this is a proven design, but I can't help but tinker:

$4 mod to see what it changes - I poured 2" of concrete in the bottom of the drum to act as an additional heat sink. Do you think I just created a longer get-up-to-cooking-temp time with little benefit ? (and just added 60 lbs of dead weight?) I was just trying to improve on the set-it and forget-it of the drum, and temp swings when opening the lid.

I only thought of this because I'm in the construction trade. Concrete/sand is often used to add thermal mass - "thermal enertia" for radiant floors, concrete filled cinder blocks for a greenhouse - or more closely related to this, a thermal mass wood stove, which is a 30 gal drum inside a 55 gal, with the space in between filled with mason's sand.

I'll let it cure until the weekend and give it a burn to see what happens. Whacha think?
With the extra 2 inches on the bottom that would mean your cooking grate will have to be 2 more inches higher. That would give you less space between the grate and the lid. Are you planning on using a grill lid instead of the flat lid?
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