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Originally Posted by Kubbie View Post
I read all the way through #3367, so I feel I've earned a few questions...

I got a free drum last week, got all the liner off and it just need to make a coal basket and a handle for the lid. Today found out I have a freebee stainless drum available in a couple weeks, so I'll use the steel one as a test build.

I understand the 'KISS' and this is a proven design, but I can't help but tinker:

$4 mod to see what it changes - I poured 2" of concrete in the bottom of the drum to act as an additional heat sink. Do you think I just created a longer get-up-to-cooking-temp time with little benefit ? (and
just added 60 lbs of dead weight?) I was just trying to improve on the set-it and forget-it of the drum, and temp swings when opening the lid.

I only thought of this because I'm in the construction trade. Concrete/sand is often used to add thermal mass - "thermal enertia" for radiant floors, concrete filled cinder blocks for a greenhouse - or more closely related to this, a thermal mass wood stove, which is a 30 gal drum inside a 55 gal, with the space in between filled with mason's sand.

I'll let it cure until the weekend and give it a burn to see what happens. Whacha think?

Im beginning to think all people who want to build their first UDS need to write the following on their forehead:


We arent building a space shuttle here, thousands have been built and they all work extremely well IF they are made as outlined. Nothing needs to be that complicated. You light it, wait for temp, throw meat in, wait and then take meat out.... Its simple, efficient and reliable already, moreover it yields consistent results time after time... WHY CHANGE THINGS... Its a Volkswagon for farksake... it does what it does and it does it very well.
"Assumption is the Mother of all F___ups!"
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