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Originally Posted by SUMO PIG View Post
Below are some photos of my seasoning burn, and some pron from my first UDS run this past weekend:

Introducing the finally assembled Sumo Pig Smoker, Ver. 1.0
during its innaugural seasoning run

A peek inside a cool-burning UDS

A look inside a blazing hot UDS

Monitoring the temps

Cooking some dinner on the Weber during my UDS burn-in

Would you considered a perv for calling this kiddie-pron???

Dinner's ready, while the Sumo Pig Smoker burns on, and on, and on ...

Pipe dreams about version 2.0

Weekend results from my first UDS cook!

Brethren - hope all of your cooks are as joyful as mine has been this past weekend.

Keep on buildin' em and keep the home fires burnin' ...

Nice pics... must have been all in a dream
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