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Found some matches.
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Below are some photos of my seasoning burn, and some pron from my first UDS run this past weekend:

Introducing the finally assembled Sumo Pig Smoker, Ver. 1.0
during its innaugural seasoning run

A peek inside a cool-burning UDS

A look inside a blazing hot UDS

Monitoring the temps

Cooking some dinner on the Weber during my UDS burn-in

Would you considered a perv for calling this kiddie-pron???

Dinner's ready, while the Sumo Pig Smoker burns on, and on, and on ...

Pipe dreams about version 2.0

Weekend results from my first UDS cook!

Brethren - hope all of your cooks are as joyful as mine has been this past weekend.

Keep on buildin' em and keep the home fires burnin' ...

Weber Silver - outfitted with the amazing Smokinator
Sumo Pig UDS, Version 1.0

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