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LOL! I would never have agreed to that. Contracts are made to keep things civil.

Just recently, I was in negotiations for a wedding and after they filled out a questionnair on what they wanted or didn't need, I sent them a quote. The soon to be husband responded that I won and to call him back. Once I did, he decided to verbally add table serving to what we agreed to previously. I stopped him in his tracks and explained to him that he did not want that. He responded by saying, he did, but I must be too small of a business to handle it. I replied, NO. You stated that you did not want table service in our e-mails and I quoted you accordingly. If you wish for table service I would gladly send him a revised quote. Of course, my contract would have put the cobash on changes as well.

I did not get the job. It didn't matter, because I felt he was just trying to goat a caterer into doing something for nothing. Be on your toes and get your terms on paper (contract).

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