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Originally Posted by cardiac_cadet002 View Post
gratz! How does using the bung as an exhaust work for ya??

It's kind of hard for me to judge... I would like to have some type of pipe to help with the flow ventilation.

It was a crappy day to BBQ as the weather was very humid and raining off and on. I found myself at first removing and replacing caps on the pipe nipples to adjust the temperature. I will probably add another valve for fine tuning the temp.

Once the rain quit and the wind died down, it stayed rock solid temperature wise.

I just wished I would have taken the ribs off sooner as the backs of the ribs were a little crispy as well as one of the racks being a tad bit on the dry side.

Seeing how this was my first UDS cook, the tips and tricks from this forum were invaluable.'s just gonna take practice...practice..practice..
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