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Default New UDS build with pron!

Worked all weekend on my UDS. The results were DELICIOUS!

Comments included..."The best ribs I ever ate..." "Did you smoke these?" "No...really....DID YOU SMOKE THESE?"

Here she is... Still needs some paint...I only used one coat high temp engine paint. More tweaks to follow.

BB's schmered with French's yellow mustard and coated with Buttrub.

Here they are laid out on the UDS. I started out with a basket of 8-9 pounds of Kingsford with a mixture of hickory and apple wood. Started it up with Minion method with my trusty HF weed burner. With lid off, caps and valve wide open temperature climbed to 230 within 10 minutes. After I placed the lid on, I removed all pipe caps and turned the valve wide open. Temps initially dropped to 200 and then started to climb.

After temps hit 230, I started adding caps. Temps continued to climb. After all caps capped and valve opened up at half. Temps were rock steady at 225.

Check out the BLUE SMOKE!

I smoked the ribs for four hours and sauced them during the last 30 mins. The rack at the top had home-made BBQ sauce. The small rack in the middle had "Sweet Baby Ray's" and the rack below was dry rub only.

The small rack with the SBR sauce was my favorite. All had a great bark with super flavor. The bottom skin got a little crispy and the third rack was a tad bit on the dry side.

I capped up the UDS, sealed up the drum and checked on it several hours later. Fire had been snuffed out and the UDS was cool to touch. Opened it up and lo and behold I only used about 4 pounds of charcoal!! an I still have a half a basket to use for next time!

Lessons learned...

The UDS kicks MAJOR Arse!

BB ribs cook FAST! I should have checked them at 3 hours.

I could not have done it without you guys on the forum!
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