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somebody shut me the fark up.
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(You live in Missouri I see. Do you have Meijer stores by you? If so, I will give you a different set of tips.)

Nope, gotta Westlakes, a Home Depot and a Lowes, that is if it is a hardware type store.

(2 more things. 1, do you have a Menards in Missouri, and 2 you said you raised the fire grate, but did you raise it to the first level of notches in the firebox? )

No on Menards. Notches? 1st from the bottom or the top? Mine now is about level with second from the bottom. Using a grill wok on 2 1/2 inch bolts as a charcoal basket.

(I use the heat shield. Check out a quick pick in the Brethern Bash, Bills camera at the end. simple shelf covered in foil 3/4 th of the way.)

Yep, I did this too, forgot to mention in my first post. I also have 2 probes I use just for cabinet temps (stick in a half of a potato) and a turkey fryer thermometer that has a clip on it that I stick in the stack. I have 4 probes just for the meat temps.

Thanks for taking the time to write all of your comments out for me. I'm saving as a word doc file for future reference. Great info for a newbie!
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