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Default Fire Control

Guys, I'm not doing so well with fire control. I need an idea from you all as to how much charcoal you start out with for your initial fire. I'm starting with a chimney of lit coals put over a chimney of unlit charcoal, with it being a mixture of lump and briqettes. I add wood for the smoke flavor. I'm just not getting up to a good cooking temp. I've added the baffle and raised the fire, though I don't have the new fire grate made yet, I do have the materials. The 3/8 inch door gasket proved to be too thick and the door wouldn't close, so I'm going to have to go down to 1/4 inch.

Should I be starting out with more like 10-15 lbs of charcoal, then adding small amounts later to maintain a constant temp?

Thanks in advance guys!
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