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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Default Testing Mode - Side Dishes: BEANS

Well thanks to the contributions of you folks in Q talk, especially Mark, Mike Greg Phil, Brian carl, Dave , etc.....(hey wait. I just realized we got a ****load of regular posters. You new guys, join in!!). I started testing side dishes for the big T day.

Well today, in a farking rain that got me soaked in under a minute, I did pineapple with some of your suggestions. did the brown sugar cinnamon type mixture, patted into the pineapple. Wife said "okay, this is what I want on the Tday table" I told her about the chili powder suggestion. She said, lets go, and thats on for tomorrow menu.

I didn't get to try David's Bush Beans recipe, and there is only one or two in the recipe section. So lets put out a call for the bean pot recipes on this thread.

Next week, I'll ask your advice on wings (but Josh, I don't want something thats gonna burn my ******* off. Remember, 23 people running for the terlet at one time is NOT a good thing.)

So fellas, you helped me with the pineapples, so now, bean me.

PS got a big ass cast iron pot from Al, so I'm making enough for all. 2 days, Tday, then another 15 or so on Friday.

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