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Originally Posted by otis View Post
1. I keep reading that white smoke is not what we're looking for, it should be the TBS. When starting up (lump or briquettes), I always have quite a bit of white smoke--for about 60 minutes, then it starts settling down. Even after the temp is stabilized, there is till quite a bit of white smoke. Am I supposed to wait until all that smoke is gone before putting the meat on?

2. For those of you using the bung as exhaust--does the orientation of the bung hole in relationship to the open intake have any bearing on fire control. If I remember correctly from my Weber kettle many years ago, the leg went into the wind, and the open exhaust directly opposite.

3. Condensation--when I opened my drum this morning, I found a thin layer of moisture on the walls, underside of the lid. Based on the humidity the last few days, I assume it is condensation from heating/cooling in the sun. Should the drum be stored with the bung open so it can "breathe" and reduce this moisture?


I look forward to the answer to all 3, as I have the same issues
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