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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Let me simplify cgwaite:

Burning some liners releases toxic pollutants. Avoid breathing these fumes.
Same goes for the dust when you grind off what's left of the liner. If you deceide on using a lined drum, take these precautions and, when your done clean it out with strong detergent & water. Then wait a day or 2. If it uniformly rusts, its clean and good to go.

I understand that during the "burnout" one should avoid inhaling any of the fumes, especially if the barrel contains a liner. Burning plastics release all sorts of noxious and potentially hazardous toxins.

But my major concern was that drums that previously contained paint would have some sort of residue that would render the barrel unusable as a UDS. I believe that, as long as the inside is burnt out properly, wire-brushed to remove any remaining residue and washed out with detergent and water, as you described, the barrel should be usable.

Thanks for the quick replies. I believe I will soon have pron on another UDS build of two cookers.

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