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Did you not read the part about they would be done when I got back. No one was complaining for the 18 months they irregularly appeared in the past before I have been able to post them for 15 consecutive months. I am glad it was only my friends beating me down, I would hate to see what others would do. Now lets all form a big hug circle and sing "we shall overcome".

Here they are:

Quick Notes from the Board

Meeting May 12, 2009

Kansas City, Mo

Merl Whitebook, Secretary

Ed Roith made a motion to reinstate personnel whom had previously been terminated from providing services to KCBS. The motion was seconded by Tana Shupe.
8 yes, 2 no, 1 abstention
The motion to reinstate personnel passes.

Carol Whitebook presented to the Board issues which had occurred at previous contests. These issues included:
Subject: Six Identifiable (Visible) Pieces (Rule #15)
Subject: Using Plastic Cup for forming Pork Entry
Subject: Judging in Open Area
Subject: Garnish Rosettes
Subject: Spinach as Garnish
Subject: Late Turn-In due to Cook’s Crossing Busy Street
Subject: Writing on the Back of Judging Cards
Subject: American Royal & Jack Daniel’s Contests
Subject: Hearing and/or Sight Impaired Judges

The Board provided answers to each of these issues and authorized advisories to be issued.

Merl Whitebook made a motion to approve all timely requested sanctioning requests (including licenses), and to table those 4 which were late. The motion for approval was seconded by Paul Kirk.

7 yes, 4 no, 0 abstentions
The following sanctioning requests were approved.

1. Contest Name: Harvest on the Ridge BBQ
Requested Date: 9/25-26/09 Location: Sparta, MI (Not to be confused with Sparta, WI)
2. Contest Name: American Bass Anglers Barbeque Cook-Off
Date Requested: 7/18-19/09 Location: Paris, TN
3. Contest Name: Old Town Showdown
Date Requested: 7/25-26/09 (SAT/SUN) Location: Colorado Springs, CO
4. Contest Name: American Bass Anglers Barbeque Cook-Off
Date Requested: 8/22-23/09 Location: Kuttawa, KY
5. Contest Name: American Bass Anglers Barbeque Cook-Off
Date Requested: 9/19-20/09 (SAT/SUN) Location: Guntersville, AL
6. Contest Name: American Bass Anglers Barbeque Cook-Off
Date Requested: 9/26-27/09 Location: Florence, AL
7. Contest Name: American Bass Anglers Barbeque Cook-Off
Date Requested: 11/7-8/09 Location: Russellville, AR
8. Contest Name: Smokin’ in Mesquite Nevada Open BBQ Championship
Date Requested: 9/4-6/09 Location: Mesquite, NV
9. Contest Name: Hay-A-BBQ, London Bridge Style
Date Requested: 2/26-27/2010 Location: Lake Havasu City, AZ

1. Contest Name: Smokin’ in the Junction
Date Requested: 5/23-24/09 Location: West Des Moines, IA
2. Contest Name: Enshrinement Ribs Cook Off & Downtown Block Party
Date Requested: 7/17/09 Location: South Bend, IN
3. Contest Name: Red, White & Blue BBQ
Date Requested: 7/4-5/09 Location: Booneville, MS
4. Contest Name: Future Legends of BBQ Featuring Mike Mills
Date Requested: 10/10-11/09 Location: Flat Rock, NC

1. Contest Name: 5th Annual Smokin’ in the Park
Original Date: 10/9-10/09 Change Date: 10/16-17/09
Location: Alpine, CA
2. Contest Name: Eagle BBQ Cook-Off & Spudfest
Original Date: 8/29-9/1/08 Change Date: 9/6-7/09 (Sat/Sun)
Location: Eagle, ID
3. Contest Name: Slidell BBQ Challenge
Original Date: 3/19-20/2010 Change Date: 4/2-3/2010
Location: Slidell, LA

Wayne Lohman made a motion to suspend the rules and approve an emergency date change for the Whitehorn Cove, Wagoner, Oklahoma contest scheduled for Memorial Day way due to flooding of the contest area and approve the new date of July 24-25. The motion was seconded by Carol Whitebook.
11 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain
The motion to suspend the rules and allow the date change to July 24-25 for the Whitehorn Cove contest was approved.

Wayne Lohman proposed to the Board of Directors, a Sanctioning Compliance Rule on how to handle situations where Guaranteed Prize Money letter had not be posted with KCBS or a certificate of insurance was not received both as required for sanctioning.

Don Harwell reported, a service has been identified to allow members to call into the board meetings. This service can permit members to talk or to be muted for listen only mode. A form to register to monitor or speak must be provided to the KCBS at least 24 hours (close of business, 5:00 p.m., K.C. MO. C.S.T.) in writing on a form provided by the office and directed to the Secretary in care of the KCBS office.

The issue of changes or revisions to the Team of the Year was discussed. Mike Lake assigned a review to Linda Mullane and the Rules Committee.

Ed Roith reported there have been some problems with delayed mailing or delivery of CBJ class forms, and reports, by instructors. Ed recommended a mandatory procedure for CBJ class reporting which was adopted by the Board.

Linda Mullane reported to the Board concerns about the contest with more than 50 teams and Rep responsibilities. The board adopted a policy to begin in 2010 that the sanctioning agreement will provide for one additional Contest Rep for each 25 teams or part of after the first 50.

These are not the official minutes of the meeting. They are simply provided as an effort to give members a quick summary of the board meeting.
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