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i get the fireplaced logss too. Wyy to big.. I picked up a chainsaw from home depot. Its either a 16 or 20 inch homelite and ran me about 125 bucks. I don't cut my own trees, but when my tree guy drops off a whole tree with 12 inch wide stumps and 6-8 inch limbs mixed in, it sure comes in handy. I'll cut as I need pretty much. Cut a load of wheels from the stuff thats to big to split(lazy), a dozen or 2 wheels, then split them with the maul into big chunks and keep them in a wheelbarrow in the shed. Split further with a hndax when i need. The other logs I'll split with a maul. Been thinkin about one of those hydraulic spliiters. The ones that use your car jack to split. Anyone ever seen one??
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