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I like wheels too. For the Bandera I think they are easier to use (and make) than splits, but I usually have both around. I always start with 3/4 chimney of lump and then add 2-3 pcs. wood. And then I get the rotation going with a couple big pieces on top of the firebox to preheat. Same thing here Phil, when the coal bed starts dissapearing on me, I grab a handful or two of lump with my trusty welding glove and reach in sideways thru the firebox and put em right on top of the action.

I've tried the Chinese logs Wally World used to sell, they were a good heat extender, but like Kingsford, tend to leave more ash. Sometimes if I know I don't want to deal with the fire for a while, I'll put some Kingsford in with the wood chunks or when I add lump. Just depends on my whim and the situation.
It was like this when I got here.
Well, ...mostly.
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