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Originally Posted by BarDev View Post
Base on the previous recommendations, I started another chimney of coals(but did not add coals to fire) and opened the chimney damper all the way, and within 10 minutes the temp went from 173 to 184. The reason for 10 degree jump was opening the chimney damper. Remember, I have not added any coals to the fire.

The temp hovered around 184 for about 15 minutes. Temp still to low, so I added coals to the fire box. With in 15 minutes the temp went from 184 to 214. Is a bit too low, but alot better then it was.

Thanks for the great suggestions. I will try to continue to update on the progresss of this experience.
What is the status of the firebox dampers? If they are wide open you might want to try closing them a little (or opening them some if they are closed).
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