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I, too, clean up a lot while prepping and cooking. The bleach water/towel is standard in most prep areas - I used this technique while in the restaurant biz. I butchered a lot and kept my grinder blades and plates in bleach water between jobs. A quick wipe with a towel soaked in bleach water will take care of just about anything.

One thing -- you don't need a LOT of bleach to be effective. Just a small capful in a washpan full of water is plenty. Too much just wastes bleach and causes corrosion problems and will burn up your skin.

I'm not a fan of the waterless sanitizers in handling food. I've used it in a pinch but prefer the 2 minute warm water and soap drill myself. This is just my opinion though and lots of people like the waterless sanitizers.

The surface where you work is important, too. It should be solid and sealed. Stainless steel is best but sealed tile, stone, etc. is perfectly ok.

Gloves are a great idea. I used to drive my GM nuts with the number of pair I used each day -- he accused me of opening my own doctor's office! It's not much of a concern for the home chef but I used to get infections in my finger nail beds from handling so much meat and other raw products. The docs never told me what exactly the infection was but I'm guessin salmonella and various other pathogens. I usually wound up on antibiotics for a week every few months.

I didn't see the gloves at Phil's place or I probably would have used them. I did make a lot of trips inside to wash up while prepping the food I was handling at B2 :D

This is a great thread -- glad to see everyone is chiming in and sharing ideas. Food safety should concern us all.
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