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Originally Posted by Mike(Mi)
When its time for the Thanksgiving Turkey, I'm gonna be clean AND organized ...I hope!

clean and organzied??? Only thing I'd commit to is prepare to be clean and organized........

now execution of the plan is gonna be the trick.

(voice of experience talking). All those towels and gadgets and buckets are around and guess what... your gonna pick up that jar of southern flavor with chicken goop on your hands... oops.

I forgot something. I picked up this container of anti-bacterial wipes from Home depot. They're made by ZEP, usually in that isle with all the cleaners and I never bothered with them.... then one day, some genius moved a few boxes of them them to the isle with all the BBQ stuff.... right next to the grill cleaners. Seriously.. a good move. .. i keep them in the pit and in the kitchen. That when when ya oops and grap that jar od souther flavor....... all ya need is a quick wipe.
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